What is DTF Printing? 

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Transfer (also known as DTF) is exactly what it sounds like. We print an artwork on a special film and you transfer said film onto fabric or other textiles.

What are the benefits of DTF printing? 

🌟It’s durable. One major benefit is the durability of the prints with DTF transfers. Designs can be printed onto polyester, cotton, cotton/poly blends, even triblends, and they’ve all held up to wash tests. 

🌟DTF doesn’t split, crack, or peel.  It has major stretchability and bounce back. 

🌟No colour restrictions. DTF transfers work well with both light and dark-coloured garments, making them perfect for sportswear and athleticwear. Speaking of colour, you can use the transfers for vibrant, multicolour designs not available on traditional heat transfers.

🌟More product offerings. DTF transfers work with cotton, 100% polyester, and cotton/poly blends, so they’re a versatile transfer for apparel. But they’re also an excellent option for dozens of other products like paper bags, sports balls, and hats.

🌟So unlike screen printing or DTG, if a fabric is pulled and stretched, you won’t see the fibers pushing through the print.

Is DTF better than screen printing?

DTF printing is more versatile than screen printing, meaning that you can use it to create a wider range of locations on the shirt. For certain types of jobs and small runs, DTF printing is less expensive than screen printing, making it a more cost-effective option for many businesses.

Is DTF better than sublimation?

Sublimation has colour limitations, as you can only sublimate on white or light fabric. In order to print on black or dark colours DTG / DTF is by far a better printing method. If there is white in your image you may want to go with DTG or DTF printing.

Is DTF printing good quality?

Yes it sure is!  While DTG printing produces high-quality full size prints with brilliant colours and an incredibly soft hand feel, DTF printing definitely has a better quality image for the long haul.  Especially when applied to poly / cotton or 100% polyester fabrics  This is what makes it the perfect addition for your garment printing business.

What equipment do I need to press your transfers? 

We recommend a heat press, because the requirements for both heat and pressure of your home iron won’t be sufficient. 

What are the washing instructions? 

We recommend washing your garments inside out in cool water on a gentle cycle. Hang to dry or low heat tumble dry.  This will keep your fabric looking its best for the long haul. 

Do you offer Wholesale Accounts? 

Yes, please inquire at

You can also visit our wholesale site:

Will a Household Iron Work? 

No, unfortunately there is not enough pressure and heating area to apply our transfers with a household iron. 

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